Baby Chimpanzee

Tips about the baby Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees belong to a class of primates, its one of the most popular tourist attractions in Uganda on addition to mountain gorillas. Many tourists from all over the world come for Rwanda gorilla tours and chimpanzee tracking adventures / habituation experience in Uganda. The relationship between the mother chimpanzee and its off springs is like that of the human mother and her baby. Like wise baby chimpanzee rely on its mother.

The baby chimps are nurtured, nursed, groomed, carried and protected by its mothers. This investment from the mother allows the infant to receive support and care throughout its life along with knowledge and skills that help it to survive.

Female chimps learn from their mother how to care and up bring the offspring. It gains knowledge and skills that they will use when they become mothers themselves.

Male chimp offspring some times leave their mothers at an earlier stage than female off springs- male can only return to their mother’s emotional support.

In case of death offspring, the mothers always mourn like wise human beings. The dead body can be reserved for some time before continuously checking it and consult from fellow chimpanzees to affirm the death of the infant.

Baby chimps are taught skills of using weapons like sticks, stones and so on during their daily routine work. More so, the babies are taught and warned about which kind of fruits to eat and which one not to eat.

A young chimpanzee is also taught medicinal plants or fruits. The baby chimpanzees are always learn by watching from their mother. A mother will also teach her offspring how to act in social situations. Watching their mothers interact with other chimpanzees in the group will allow the chimpanzee to gain knowledge on how it should act in the group as well. This is important to know because chimpanzees rely on others in the group for safety and support.

Just as chimpanzee mothers teach their infants how to act in social situations, so do our human mothers. It isn’t hard to think of times when your mother has scolded you for acting impolite in public, or has asked you to say please or thank you when someone does something for you. All these things make us incredibly similar to chimpanzees.

As time goes on, the young siblings watch and learn skills from their older siblings just as they do with their mother. The older sibling will become more involved in the care and upbringing of the younger when the mother is occupied.

If mum is not around, it can be a primary career who develops the main bond with a baby chimp to provide security and love. According to Dr Goodall, the baby chimpanzees have a primary carer they feel secure with, they develop and learn faster and become more outgoing due to feeling sure within themselves.

Amazing is that, the daddy chimpanzee does not play a hand-on part in raising the kids, his role is to protect the entire chimp family. Young males make their first tentative moves away from mum at about seven or eight, usually for just a few hours at a time. Travel to Africa on your next holiday to see chimps and other primates in the wild.

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