The breakdown of car hire costs?

Uganda is so amazing to a point where travelers that visit it, wish to call it home and sometimes they decide to stay behind so that what they wish for comes to pass. When you arrived at the airport, you don’t wish to board a taxi because taxis are always on time like they be wanting to drop you to your destination so that they come back to airport to get other clients and this may not grant you a chance to experience the city to the fullest and sometimes you may want to tour the city after you settle into your hotel room.

Owning your vehicle by hiring it will give you more independence and freedom plus peace during your safari in Uganda because when you’re at the back of the wheel, you get a chance to sightsee the city at our own convenience. Once you Visit Uganda, don’t think of using taxis or buses because you won’t want to stay fixed under the control of the bus’ or taxi schedules.

Even though hiring the vehicle in Uganda is possible it is always wise to know what is included in the payments made for the vehicle. When hiring the vehicle you sign a contract with the rental company and most times the payments made for hiring a vehicle caters for the driver, vehicle, insurance, mechanical breakdown among others. Since the rental company does not know the destination you will visit, the responsibility of fueling the vehicle is on the client.

In case the hired vehicle gets a mechanical problem while on the trip, the rental company is responsible to repair it due to the payment you made. Plus the driver. When you’re not interested in self-driven service, the hired vehicle comes with a driver and it is not you to pay him but the car rental company using the payments you used to hire the vehicle. Don’t get scared of paying the insurance of the hired vehicle. The rental company used pays for insurance.

Nissan Safari for African Safari

All the vehicles hired in Uganda come with radios, Air conditioner, and driver among others depending on your choice. And in case you want something special, it is better to inform your preferred car rental before picking the vehicle.

No matter what is you need for the vehicle or for a business trip or vacation in any destination. Move around in style in your perfect rental vehicle while enjoying your vacation. Don’t worry about the money.

It is affordable to hire a vehicle in Uganda. And once the hired vehicle gets a problem just call the rental company for assistance. Car rental companies in Uganda have all types of vehicles a traveller may wish to hire their fleets are full of all sorts of vehicle.

No matter what is you need for the vehicle or for a business trip or safari in Uganda, just come give us your dates and we know you will get the perfect car of your choice from our fleet of vehicles at any time you want it. Therefore enjoy a unique trip in Uganda using our vehicles.

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