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Moremi Game Reserve Botswana

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Moremi Game Reserve is found on the eastern side of the Okavango Delta in Botswana and covers an area of 5000 square kilometers (1900 square miles) which makes it very surprisingly large and diverse for a Reserve.

This Reserve was named after Chief Moremi of the popular Ba Tawana tribe and now consists of lagoons, salt pans, grasslands, the thick Mopane woodlands, acacia forests, floodplains and savannahs. This exceptional ecosystem offers habitat to a wide range of wildlife species like never seen in other places in the African continent and it is for this reason that this Reserve was voted the “best game Reserve in Africa” by the Prestigious African Travel and Tourism Association during Indaba, South Africa’s prime tourism fair.

Declared a Game Reserve on the 15th March 1963, Moremi was surprisingly the first Game Reserve to be created by local residents (BaTawana people) but that also meant that the local people-BaSarwa or popularly known as Bushmen that lived within the area lost their original home. These people under the leadership of the deceased Chief Moremi III’s wife-Mrs. Moremi were so concerned about the rise of hunting and cattle encroachment within the Okavango Delta and was initially managed by the Fauna Conservation Society of Ngamiland after creation but after its extension to include the Chief’s Island in 1979, this Reserve was taken over by the Department of Wildlife and National parks.

  • Flora and Fauna within Moremi Game Reserve

This Reserve covers much of the eastern side of the Okavango Delta and combines drier and permanent water areas but some of the most interesting attractions within the site are the Chiefs Island and the Moremi Tongue. While here, tourists are guaranteed of experiencing unsurpassed views of the savannah game as well as bird watching within the lagoons.

Also, there are dense woodlands that offer shelter to leopards and Cape Wild dogs while to the north-eastern side of the Reserve lies the famous Chobe National Park that is contiguous to the Moremi Game Reserve.  Much as it is only 5000 square kilometers in size, Moremi Game Reserve is surprisingly biologically diverse with its landscape comprising of mainly Acacia forests, Mopane woodlands, lagoons and floodplains but only 30% of the Reserve is mainland with the largest part lying within the Okavango Delta. Although it is not one of the largest Protected Areas in the country, it rewards tourists with fantastic views that cannot be experienced in other places.

It is a haven to almost 500 species of birds including forest, savannah and aquatic species of birds such as Pel’s fishing owls, Arnot’s chat, woodpeckers, African fish eagles, wattled cranes, kingfishers and barbets among others in addition to the wide range of wildlife species such as South African cheetahs, elephants, Angolan giraffes, Zebras, Southwest African lions, large herds of Cape buffaloes, Jackals, Black rhinoceros, impalas, Red lechwe, hyenas and Cape wild dogs among others.

  • Activities within Moremi Game Reserve

There are several adventures to enjoy within the Reserve and they include nature walks, game drives in 4WD Vehicles with the peaks being from July to October when seasonal pans dry up and the animals concentrate on the permanent water, Dug-out canoe rides and bird watching.

  • Accommodation facilities within the Reserve

There are few Safari lodges within this Reserve and only four places (namely Khwai, South Gate, Xakanaxa Camp and Third Bridge) set aside for Camping. However, there are several Lodges and Hotels within the outskirts of the Reserve where guests visit on game drives and other fascinating activities.

  • How to Access Moremi Game Reserve

This site can either be reached by air (through chartered flights to the airstrips that service the Lodges) or by road transport through Maun. A self-drive through the Game Reserve is recommended for experienced 4X4 drivers and usually in the dry season. The rainy season makes most of the Park’s areas inaccessible and some Lodges even close from December to February.

Why Hire a self drive car in Uganda with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd

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It’s Fun: Is about fun. It is about explore any destination you want, when you want with those that you love. That moment when you’re behind the wheel driving yourself around the country and visiting any place at any time.

Standard daily charges: Our daily car hiring cost is all inclusive. (There is NO HIDDEN CHARGES). Quoted costs are inclusive of all government taxes. Once you pay for your vehicle, you just wait and pick it then drive to anywhere you want.

Unlimited Mileage: Unless when you hire the car for some hours and when the quote is includes fuel that is only when we limit you on the kilometers you drive. But if you’re hiring the car for a minimum of one day we give unlimited mileage this gives chances of unlimited discovery of the country at no additional cost.

No Drop off Charges. We don’t charge extra costs for pick up and drop off and you can drop the car at anywhere and it will be our responsibility to pick it. In most cases drop off and pick up is done at the airport or at the hotel even at your place of residence. You will not add on extra money paying tax to take you back home because we will pick the car at your home and even on the first day we will bring the car to you.

Safety and Security: When you hire a vehicle with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, you’re assured that you got a perfect car which is well serviced and in a good working condition. All our vehicles before we give it to the client, it is subjected to intensive check to guarantee that tyres are of the right trend, all car electronics including tracking system, car alarm and central local system are working. We guarantee that the lights are set perfectly and working. Every single rental auto accompany save wheel. So we ensure that your safe on the road and we also offer 24/7 assistance.

True serenity – All our vehicles come with a comprehensive insurance subsequently you are guaranteed that in case of an accident and damage to third party you are secured. However please keep to the speed limits as you are not ensured of survival in case of an accident. Comprehensive insurance takes care of the passengers in the vehicle yet not the driver.

Continuity in case of major break downs, we will send you another vehicle in the shortest time possible. You simply have to call our office tell us about the problem and if the problem is minor we can just send a mechanic and or we can direct you to the nearing garage and all the money you use will be refunded to you on the last day.
Flexibility – You can change your rental arrangement in the middle the rental. For example you can extend your rental by just calling and informing us earlier like one day before the last day.

One Way Rental/ Rent Here Leave It there: You should not be worried of where to drop the car in case you choose to change your drop off location, we can pick the car anywhere at no extra cost. For example, you can hire a car in Kampala and drop off in Mbarara or Katuna boarder in case you want to cross and continue to another country, you can even pick the vehicle at the airport and drop it off at your hotel. And even when you want to cross the border and enter another country with our vehicle, we can give you its papers and cross without any extra charges.

For all information about car hiring cars in Uganda and some neighboring countries, you can read more on our website or contact our experienced and knowledgeable information team on OR Call the office on +256392000835.

Exploring the Karuma Falls in Uganda

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The famous Karma Falls are located on the eastern direction of the Murchison Fall National Park which is the prominent largest national park which is drawing the attention of different travellers to visit Uganda. The wonderful landscape of Murchison falls park which is surrounding the stunning Karuma falls offers the best habitat in which different wildlife such as antelopes ,buffaloes, species of birds as well as the lions, plus even the baboons, monkeys, as well as elephants plus the Uganda Kobs not forgetting the species of Giraffes and Hartebeest. The park is also famous for chimps tracking and habituation experience in Kanio Pabidi forest reserve.

Karuma Falls Bridge
Karuma Falls Bridge

The varied attractive wildlife, birds, around the falls offer different chances for visitors to enjoy the sights of different bird species, also enjoy wild game viewing, Nature walks around the banks of the falls and at the end of the day visitor’s experience goes beyond exploring the falls.

The stunning Karuma falls were named depending on the on the powerful spirit that used to disorganize stones and separate the Victoria waters which were rapidly running with roaming sound. Karuma fall is one the icon attractions attracting various tourists mainly due to its location in the waters of the largest lake in Uganda.

karuma falls view from the bridge
karuma falls view from the bridge

Karuma provides travellers to explore the footsteps that were stepped by the first European explorer John Speke who is identified to have toured the magnificent falls during the time he was exploring the pearl of Africa in search for the source of the great world’s longest River Nile.

The Karuma falls are one of the traditional falls in the country Uganda and therefore visitor to Uganda ought to explore the falls. The Karuma falls are home to the important Power Station located at Karuma which is said to be 750 Megawatts hydropower development project that was implemented by partnership between foreign partners alongside the government of Republic of Uganda.karuma-project

The Karuma falls have an interesting history which is deserve to be explored and the history roots back during the time of political instability that was caused by the activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, the area around the falls was used as hiding place by the rebels and they could base in that falls to attack the people, buses, trucks that were moving in both directions.

The falls offer fantastic view and may travelers to northern Uganda make a stop over for photographs of these fantastic falls.

About the Author: Jack is a Ugandan travel writer based in Kampala, also works as a safari consultant of 4×4 Uganda, the leading car rental company in East Africa. This company offers serviced like hotel bookings, gorilla permits bookings, 4×4 self drive car rental in Uganda and Rwanda as well as free travel advise to tourists. The company is legally registered, as associate member of conservation organisations such as Nature Uganda, Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), Uganda Tourism Board, Friend a Gorilla, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International and the International Gorilla Conservation Program (IGCP) among others.

This Uganda Safari Changed My Perception of What a Real Vacation is:

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It took me years to understand what a real safari is, have been thinking that watching an animal in a zoo that’s all have just realized that that’s not the case, a safari is totally very different it is really fun and so interesting to watch various species of wildlife, primates and birds and also learning different culture of people is a breathtaking moment in life that is very difficult to forget. The most fun vacation I have ever gone to was one that we went on last year. It was a 4×4 self drive Uganda safari with my family where we explored 5 national parks in Uganda namely; Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Lake Mburo, then we went to Jinja for white water rafting and Ngamba Island. I have been going on an annual vacation my whole life more especially the nearby zoo.

My Dad and mom took me and my sister each year during our holidays to see a variety of wildlife in different parks, but this time round when my dad proposed to take a safari to Uganda I was like what are we going to see their that we can not see here, I didn’t know that we a going to a real safari which involve seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. When time reached we packed and then proceed to Uganda. From the time we landed on the Ugandan soil, we met hospitable people with a very nice smile who welcomed us at the Ugandan soil. After we met our guide who explained us more about how our safari will go.

After a briefing he transferred us to Kampala which is a very beautiful city and Uganda’s capital while at the load side we heard people shouting at a distance calling us ’’muzungu’’, as also waving at them, we proceed to cassia Lodge for a delicious meal covering both local and international cuisines in a modern atmosphere and we had an overnight from there. The following day early in the morning after breakfast we drove to the south west up to Queen Elizabeth national park, we stayed at Mweya safari lodge, it is really a very nice lodge, here at the park we where delighted to see various species of wildlife in their natural habitat during a game drive something I have never seen various species of animals where seen like the big herds of elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, various species of antelopes just to mention but a few, and while during a boat cruise on the kazinga channel we come up with various species of animals like schools of hippo, crocodiles, various species of birds and many more.

The following day as we where proceeding to bwind impenetrable national park we passed via the ishasha sector of the park which is famously known for it’s tree climbing lions wow, this is unbelievable we saw tree climbing lions in a close distance I do still wonder how a lion can climb a tree but indeed this is very true, it can because I witnessed my self. We continued to bwind the only two parks in Uganda housing the rare mountain gorillas in the world the other is Mgahinga gorilla national park.

We stayed at Lake Mutanda chameleon hill lodge, we where wormy welcomed by the lode attendants. I really felt that this is a real safari as I was haring different sounds of birds among others shouting in a close distance. Waking up the following day in the morning to head to the park headquarters to receive short briefings from the park wardens about the do’s and don’ts while with the gorillas, I was eager to see the apes in their natural habitat, but we spent about 4-6 hours searching for them passing through muddy and thick jungle it was an interesting experience I had never gone through until when we landed on them in a group of about 15-20 apes playing, grooming, feeding while others where trying to make nest for the following night, really I was amazed to meet my fellow relative in a close range of about 1 km, I, my sister and my dad and mum took pictures and also observing their behaviors, it was really a nice moment in life I will never forget.

Imagine encounter the few surviving mountain gorillas in the world; it is really an incredible vacation of a lifetime. Not only in Uganda, but we went also on the extended safari that included side trips to Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. I liked everything from the chimps and gorilla trekking to the boat rides in deed it was so fantastic. Kids grow up looking at fantasy version of such things by visiting topic parks. This is the real thing and nothing duplicates it. In fact this safari to Uganda changed my perception of what a real Vacation is. Have started saving money so that I can get back during my next vacation.