What do Gorillas Eat?

Items ate by Gorillas

Gorillas are herbivores – they do not eat meat though some people think they can eat small animals but this is not true. Gorillas spend most of their day time feeding on vegetation – The type of foods that they will mainly consume really depends on the region in which the gorillas live.

The following are some of the items on which Gorillas feed

In times of scarcity, gorillas can eat insects like white ants and termites – being intelligent; gorillas are capable of using tools like sticks to scoop termites from the anthills or the ground.

Gorillas feed on fruits like passion fruits, jack fruits, mangoes, oranges among others. Such fruits contain vitamins that do well in the bodies of Gorillas.

They also feed on plant leaves – green leaves contain chlorophyll which promotes antibodies hence fighting diseases. Green leaves contain food values that fight against diseases.

Gorillas feed on foodstuffs like bananas, cassava, sweet potatoes among others. Such foodstuffs are eaten raw – they are nutritious. The gorillas have sharp teeth that splits food into pieces – then swallowed after serious chewing.

Gorillas also feed on flowers – some flowers contain sugar content that attracts gorillas chew them. Flowers contain nectar juice containing food values that attract Gorillas to spend time chewing them.

Gorillas also feed on Carrots and other sorted food like watermelon, raw cassava among others. Sorted food is applied to Gorillas in the Zoo – in other words, Gorillas under control – not in the natural environment.

Water helps them quench they are thirsty – Gorillas drink water from lakes, rivers, waterfalls, pond among others – like human beings, Gorillas consume a lot of water in the dry season than in the wet season.

Gorillas eat stems of plants – the back skin from plants, feed by Gorillas.

The apes also feed on nuts – by the use of sticks to scoop them from the ground and they are more interested in Groundnuts and some other stems.

Gorillas also feed on twigs and shoots of plans – swigs are your tree branches and shoots are the young plant leaves which are have just come out.