Exploring Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is located in western Uganda and it covers an area of about 260 square kilometers. The park largely features acacia woodland and compared to most of the protected areas in Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park offers refuge to distinct faunal species. This is the best safari destination for one to spot out gigantic eland antelopes, topis, leopards, jackals, hyenas, zebras, buffaloes, Bohor reed-buck, warthogs, otters, bush pigs, Defassa waterbuck, African golden cat, Oribi, Bushbuck, duikers, snakes, as well as acacia bird species like the shoebill stork and its sculptured landscape that come with the rolling grassy hills and stunning Lakeshores feature forest galleries, acacia tree valley, seasonal and permanent swamps and all these feature varieties of wildlife species.

About 5 Lakes are also confined within Lake Mburo National Park offering refuge to most of the hippos and crocodiles and aquatic birds and its fringing swamp area offers refuge to sitatunga antelope, red or black and yellow papyrus gonolek. The park features the mosaic habitat that includes the rocky outcrops, bushes, thickets, vast and wooded savannas, forests, dry hillsides, and many more. About 350 bird species call Lake Mburo National Park their home and the notable ones include the red-faced barbet, yellow warbler, saddle-billed stork, brown chested lapwing, shoebill stork, African wattled lapwing, carruther’s Cisticola, Tabora Cisticola, Abyssinian ground hornbill, white-winged warbler, African scops owl and many others.

The park is accessible within 3 to 4 hours’ drive off Kampala capital city. You can take the Kampala-Masaka-Mbarara route and turn left to the Nshara gate that links to the Sanga gate.

Tourist activities in Lake Mburo National Park

  • Game drives

This is one of the leading tourist activities in Lake Mburo National Park. It offers visitors a chance to explore the park’s wildlife and birds. While on a wildlife safari, you will have a chance to spot out most of the elands, impalas, giraffes, zebra, leopards, and many more.

  • Night game drives

Night game drives offer the opportunity to visitors to spot out most of the park’s nocturnal wildlife species like leopards and at times lions, bush babies, porcupines, and many others. The experience takes around two hours.

  • Boat cruise

A boat cruise along Lake Mburo offers an amazing opportunity to visitors to catch a glimpse at the park’s unique floral and faunal species on Lakeside like hippos, crocodiles, antelopes, otters, and others as well as bird species like the African fish eagles, Rufous long-tailed starlings, blue-headed weavers, green necked doves, pied kingfishers, malachite kingfishers, Hammerkops, pelicans, herons, cormorants, and shoebill stork.

  • Bird watching

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the perfect safari destinations in Uganda for you to embark on birding adventures. About 350 different bird species call the park their home. The notable birding spots include the swampy valleys of Miriti and Warukiri and the roadside between Rwonyo camps. The prime birds to catch a glimpse at these areas include the black-bellied bustard, brown chested lapwing, bateleur, Rufous-bellied heron, coqui francolin, grey crowned crane, white-headed barbet, red-faced barbet, Nubian woodpecker, Ross’s Turaco, red-shouldered cuckoo shrike, long-tailed Cisticola, brown parrot, and others.

  • Nature walks

The park also offers excellent experiences for visitors on guided nature walks. Early in the morning while on a nature walk, you will have a chance to spot hyenas as they come back from their dens after a night of being on the prowl, hippos, zebras, giraffes, eland, topis, butterflies, buffaloes and many antelope families. You may also embark on a trail to the top of the hills and view Lake Mburo and beyond, from here, you have a chance to view all the nine regional Lakes. You may also take a guided walk to the salt lick where you will spot out most of the wildlife species as they lick the salty soil.

  • Igongo cultural centre

Situated approximately four (4) kilometers off the Sanga gate, Igongo cultural center is one of the most tremendous historical sites that Uganda offers the world. The center allows you to explore more on Banyakitara that lived in western Uganda and comprises of Bakiga, Batooro, Banyoro, and Banyakole. Igongo cultural center features numerous traditional grass huts that depict the way of life in the west. You can also have a taste of traditional food in the Igongo cultural center’s restaurant.

  • Rubanga forest exploration

If you are interested in exploring this forest, there are many Uganda tours and safari packages with this package but you must book in advance! The forest is an incredible birding spot and more than 40 distinct birds thrive within it, five of which are forest specialists. The prominent birds around this area include harrier hawk, green pigeon, Narina trogon, grey-backed camaroptera, double toothed barbet, shoebill stork, and others. The forest features trees like acacia, palms, figs, markhamia, platycaluz, and many more.

  • Fishing

Lake Mburo National Park features about 5 most stunning Lakes out of the 12 famous Lakes that are found in and around the protected area. Lake Mburo features as the biggest out of all the Lakes that are found in the park and several fishermen flock into the fish to fish and travelers to Lake Mburo National Park can also embark on fishing themselves and later arrange to have the fish prepared at the lodge where they are living. About 6 fish species thrive within the Lake including tilapia which is the most sought after specie for sport fishing adventure lovers. For visitors who are interested in this breathtaking adventure, the best spot for you is the Mazinga on Lake Mburo.

  • Horseback riding

Lake Mburo National Park features as Uganda’s only protected area where visitors can view wildlife safaris while on horseback. There are well-trained experts at Mihingo Lodge to take you through the Lake Mburo. This adventure lasts for about 1 to 3 hours.

  • Bicycling

Lake Mburo National Park also offers the most exciting and exhilarating guided bike rides in and around the protected area. You will have a chance to spot out most of zebras, buffaloes, antelopes, and others. For visitors who are interested in more challenging mountain biking adventures then Lake Mburo is the best place for you. Come and experience nature while on your bike!

Besides, you can also visit the Equator while on Uganda safari to Lake Mburo National Park or during your return journey to Kampala or Entebbe.

Accommodation in Lake Mburo National Park

The best accommodation facilities in Lake Mburo National Park include Mihingo Safari Lodge, Mantana Tented Camp, Mburo Safari Lodge, Rwonyo Rest Camp, Eagles Nest, and others.

In conclusion, Lake Mburo National Park is one of Uganda’s most stunning safari destinations that you consider in your travel itinerary. It is the nearest park from Kampala capital city.