Uganda Tour Operators Oppose Purchase of Gorilla Permits Online

While Ugandans tend to be encouraged to modernize tourism in a bid to upgrade the country’s untapped however potential sector, tour operators are challenging the buy of gorilla permits online saying that it will abandon them with no business.

In a July first letter to President Yoweri Museveni, the chairman of the tour operators’ association Boniface Byamukama requested him to stop Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) from going ahead with their arrangement to make the permits accessed online.

Byamukama contends that if the buy of the grants is put on the online, tour operators from different nations can purchase straightforwardly from Uganda Wildlife Authority which will run the local tour operators out of business. He told local media that if Uganda Wildlife Authority runs ahead with that plan, the tour operators will be rendered superfluous and many of them will remain unemployed.

Byamukama suggests that Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) puts the permits online just for illustration purposes however leave the transaction to the operators.

UWA executive director Andrew Seguya says anyway that there is no foundation for alarm. He says that the tour agents will stay in the business in light of the fact that not all the vacationers can access services online. He includes that even voyagers who buy gorilla trekking permits online will require the tour operators’ other services like transportation. He said that airline travel agencies and accommodation operators have not used up a business yet an individual can purchase an air ticket or book a lodge room online.

Seguya wondered why Byamukama has not raised the matter to the board where he is a member as a substitute for taking it to the president. He said the President might not stop the arrangement in light of the fact that it might be against what he advocates for saying that the Finance Minister has said it several times in the budget speech that tourism needs to be marketed on the web.