Uganda Tightens her Security


Following the al-Shabab attack to the neighboring Kenya in which more than 60 people lost their lives, Uganda was alerted to lay more strategies of controlling such attacks to happen in Uganda. The attacks not only led to the loss of human lives in Kenya but also threatened the tourists who had booked trips in Kenya and neighboring nations like Uganda and Tanzania.

“Kenya is not far away from us and we are a target to the al-Shabaab militants,” said the Inspector General of Uganda police (IGG), Major General Kale Kayihura in the press conference. He vowed to work hand in hand with the Uganda People Defense force (UPDF) to overcome any attack from any Islamic groups and other related groups of militants. In Kenya, the suspected al-Shabaab stormed Westgate mall, gun shooting innocent people which was a sign of cowardness, according to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta. Westgate mall is one of the leading shopping centers in Kenya where high-class persons go shopping and a meeting point for many people.

Uganda police have confirmed that this is a collective responsibility where everybody is supposed to take part in securing the country by alerting security organs in case of any suspicion. Security in public places like churches, parks, Hotels, Arcades/shopping malls, hospitals, clubs, and theaters among others are strictly supposed to have walkthrough detective machines together with professional security personnel.

Security personals have been deployed at all borders to ensure the permanent security of the country. The threat is due to the fact that Uganda and Kenya are among the countries that obeyed the request of the African Union by sending troops to Somalia to revive peace there however, their actions backfire when al-Shabaab terrorists promised to attack whichever country took troops in Somalia. The Islamic terrorists claim that sending troops in their territories is unfair and this has triggered acts of revenge. According to al-Shabab leaders, the terrorists have been warning any country with troops in Somalia to withdraw but all in vain.

The al-Shabaab confirms that they will punish whoever tries to hinder them from fulfilling their ambitions in Somalia and on the other hand, Uganda security forces also promise to overpower and control them from entering the country. It is known that Uganda is among the top tourism destinations in Africa and globally at large, therefore, she is fighting day and night to ensure total security in order to create a favorable environment for tourism activities to prevail. This is assurance for all tourists planning to visit the country that Uganda is totally stable and all wildlife available in good condition. All Hotels and lodges are also in good condition and roads also in good condition.

Uganda is endowed with a variety of wildlife stocked in national parks like Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo national park, Kibale forest national park, Semliki, Queen Elizabeth, Mount Elgon National park, not forgetting Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National parks famous for gorilla trekking adventures in Africa. It is confirmed that the security in all tourist destinations is secured.