Tracking Gorillas and other wildlife in Uganda and Rwanda

After reading deeply of nature documentaries one summer, my wife and I chose that we wanted to go not to Malaysia or Brazil, as we had been planning, for holiday, but to the wilds of Africa, where we could see the great outdoors populated by animals in relative purity.

It was something of a daunting idea: neither of us had been to Africa before, and neither of us knew anyone who had! But we went online and did our research. On the Internet, we found one company that offered excellent Rwanda safaris. So we booked a trip and soon were on our way!

The safari itself was amazing, a smorgasbord of all kinds of animals, from the very small to the very, very large. The places we stayed were comfortable, and we loved the intelligent, kind guides who dealt with all of our annoying requests and questions. Now, we are telling our friends to go!

The highlight for our Rwanda safari was gorilla trekking in Volcanoes national park! Though the trek was very strenuous to me and some of our group members, the thrill of encountering these gentle giants was worth the effort! It erased all the poor memories we through while searching for them.

Whoever goes for Rwanda safaris especially with gorilla tracking should carry some gloves to cover yours from nettles, insect repellent, rain jacket, long sleeves shirts or blouse, long pants, and bottled mineral water. You can also carry some snacks because the trekking time is not predictable! It can take the whole day depending on which gorilla group you are tracking. What is most important is the gorilla pass, which gives you permission to take a guided forest walk/hike in search of gorillas. Rwanda gorilla permits cost US dollars 750, while Uganda permits cost US dollars 600 each, and the number of permits available per day is limited. Each gorilla group is visited by a maximum of 8 persons per day.

During our gorilla trek in Rwanda, our park guide shared with us a story about a story of some Germans who went for the Susa group and came back at 10 pm towards Mid night. Susa gorilla group is the biggest and farthest in Rwanda. On that day, Susa group was at a very high altitude at 3000 meters above sea level. These Germans were warned by they insisted and went for this group. Helicopters were in place to ensure that the clients are safe until they came back. From our gorilla safari in Rwanda and Uganda, I must say that everyone should go gorilla trekking before you die. It’s a must do adventure activity.