This Uganda Safari Changed My Perception of What a Real Vacation is:

It took me years to understand what a real safari is, have been thinking that watching an animal in a zoo that’s all have just realized that that’s not the case, a safari is totally very different it is really fun and so interesting to watch various species of wildlife, primates, and birds and also learning different culture of people is a breathtaking moment in life that is very difficult to forget. The most fun vacation I have ever gone to was one that we went on last year. It was a 4×4 self-drive Uganda safari with my family where we explored 5 national parks in Uganda namely; Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and Lake Mburo, then we went to Jinja for white water rafting and Ngamba Island. I have been going on an annual vacation my whole life more especially the nearby zoo.Uganda safari adventure

My Dad and mom took me and my sister each year during our holidays to see a variety of wildlife in different parks, but this time around when my dad proposed to take a safari to Uganda I was like what are we going to see there that we can not see here, I didn’t know that we a going to a real safari which involves seeing wildlife in their natural habitat. When the time reached we packed and then proceed to Uganda. From the time we landed on the Ugandan soil, we met hospitable people with a very nice smile who welcomed us at the Ugandan soil. After we met our guide who explained to us more about how our safari will go.

After a briefing he transferred us to Kampala which is a very beautiful city and Uganda’s capital while at the load side we heard people shouting at a distance calling us ’’muzungu’’, as also waving at them, we proceed to cassia Lodge for a delicious meal covering both local and international cuisines in a modern atmosphere and we had an overnight from there. The following day early in the morning after breakfast we drove to the southwest up to Queen Elizabeth national park, we stayed at Mweya safari lodge, it is really a very nice lodge, here at the park we were delighted to see various species of wildlife in their natural habitat during a game drive something I have never seen various species of animals were seen as the big herds of elephants, buffaloes, warthogs, various species of antelopes just to mention but a few, and while during a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel we come up with various species of animals like schools of hippo, crocodiles, various species of birds and many more.

The following day as we where proceeding to Bwindi impenetrable national park we passed via the Ishasha Sector of the park which is famously known for its tree-climbing lions wow, this is unbelievable we saw tree climbing lions in a close distance I do still wonder how a lion can climb a tree but indeed this is very true, it can because I witnessed my self. We continued to Bwindi the only two parks in Uganda housing the rare mountain gorillas in the world the other is Mgahinga gorilla national park.

We stayed at Lake Mutanda Chameleon hill lodge, we where wormy welcomed by the lode attendants. I really felt that this is a real safari as I was haring different sounds of birds among others shouting at a close distance. Waking up the following day in the morning to head to the park headquarters to receive short briefings from the park wardens about the do’s and don’ts while with the gorillas, I was eager to see the apes in their natural habitat, but we spent about 4-6 hours searching for them passing through the muddy and thick jungle it was an interesting experience I had never gone through until when we landed on them in a group of about 15-20 apes playing, grooming, feeding while others were trying to make a nest for the following night, really I was amazed to meet my fellow relative in a close range of about 1 km, I, my sister and my dad and mum took pictures and also observing their behaviors, it was really a nice moment in life I will never forget.

Imagine encounter the few surviving mountain gorillas in the world; it is really an incredible vacation of a lifetime. Not only in Uganda, but we went also on the extended safari that included side trips to Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya. I liked everything from the chimps and gorilla trekking to the boat rides indeed it was so fantastic. Kids grow up looking at the fantasy versions of such things by visiting topic parks. This is the real thing and nothing duplicates it. In fact, this safari to Uganda changed my perception of what a real Vacation is. Have started saving money so that I can get back during my next vacation.