The Volcanic Lakes Attracting more Tourists in Rwanda

Rwanda has numerous vacation destinations which have increased the number of local and international tourists going for Rwanda safaris. Among the attractions that Rwanda has incorporated the volcanic lakes which have attracted many tourists to come and see them. The volcanic lakes are five and they incorporate Akagera, Kivu, Bulera, Gisenyi, and the twin lakes which are Bulera and Ruhondo.

Each of the volcanic lakes has several attractive futures that visitors enjoy in their Rwanda safaris. The Bulera and Ruhondo twin lakes give visitors a golden chance to watch the excellence of Rwanda and additionally unwind from that thereafter their gorilla trekking experience in Volcanoes National Park. At Lake Kivu visitors have a chance to watch different towns and some places of history therefore having a nice safari in Rwanda.

Akagera Lake gives visitors a chance to see the wetlands and the papyrus swamps therefore tourists learning a lot of things on Rwanda safaris. Finally, Kibuye and Gisenyi are used for activities like kayaking, swimming, game angling among other tourist activities, therefore, attracting more visitors to come for safaris to Rwanda consequently boosting the tourism industry in Rwanda.

Besides the Volcanic Lakes, Rwanda has got other tourist attractions which also attract many tourists to the country, for example; the rare and endangered mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park which attraction 70% of the tourists visiting Rwanda every year and the main activity done in the park is mountain gorilla trekking tours, the chimpanzee and other 13 species of primates in Nyungwe Forest national park is also another tourist attraction in the country and the main tourist attraction carried out in this national park is chimpanzee tracking, there is also Akagera National Park which is also known for its variety of wildlife and the main tourist activity in the park is wildlife viewing.

There are also historical sites in Rwanda which also attract many tourists like the old king’s palace of Nyanza and the many genocide memorial museums.