Amazing National Parks in Uganda to Visit With Kids

Uganda being an eco-tourism destination, many people think that it’s not worth travelling to with kids. However this is so wrong, Uganda is a prime destination for all travellers regardless of their age. Uganda has a plethora of national parks that can accommodate kids to have an exciting adventure. It is amazingly remarkable to take your kids to these jungles so that they can relate to what they study in school. The kids get to know how beautiful and important the natural environment is and draw inspirations to conserve and preserve for the future. Uganda is the country to visit with kids to have a national park experience.

Uganda has ten national parks but not all of them literally appeal to kids since some of them have activities with age limitations. Though that does not stop a family with their kids to enjoy the left ones. Below are some of the amazing national parks in Uganda to visit with kids.Buffaloes in Uganda

  • Murchison Falls National Park

The mighty Murchison Falls National Park is a kid’s gem. As per now, Murchison Falls National Park located in the north of Uganda is the most visited park in the country. Travellers love Murchison Falls National Park because of its exciting wildlife species and peculiar natural features that are eye-catching.

This park is almost a big five destination with only the rhinos missing out of the lions, elephants, buffaloes and leopards. Kids love watching these animals. They always get excited when they see them on television so it gets better as they watch them in their natural setting. The kids will also love the boat ride on the Albert Nile where they will encounter interesting aquatic animals like the crocodiles, a legion of bird species, hippos and elephants, oribis and buffaloes on the shores taking a bath.

  • Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo national park is the most popular park to visit in Uganda for a family with kids. Most of the family who wishes to travel to the jungles of Uganda, Lake Mburo national park is always their first pick. Lake Mburo national park is the calmest and nearest park in Uganda. It is only a 4 hours’ drive from Kampala to Lake Mburo national park. Away from its proximity, Lake Mburo national park has tourism activities that appeal to kids. A game drive through the green terrains of the park can be exhilarating as the kids get an opportunity of sighting wild animals like the zebra, antelopes, buffaloes, impala, oribis, topis and so forth. A boat ride at Lake Mburo is soothing and also makes the infants to see animals like the hippos, water birds and buffaloes at the banks. Kids can also engage in horse riding through Lake Mburo national park as there is a place gazatted for the rides.

  • Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park the medley of wonder is another amazing natural place for the kids. The savannah plains of Queen Elizabeth bring lots of fun to kids since there are numerous unique wild animals to see like the lions, elephants, Uganda kobs, antelopes, buffaloes, hyenas, bush babies, leopards and so on.

This amazing park is also a bird haven. It has more than 600 species recorded. Let the kids be wowed by the colourful feathers of birds as they listen to the sweet melodies made through their whistles. The kid’s experience in Queen Elizabeth National Park gets better when they get on the afternoon boat ride on the Kazinga channel. The Kazinga channel is relentlessly magical from the start to the end. It is so interesting for instance the kids get to see magnificent animal species like hippos, Nile crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants and countless bird species and this makes the water experience more enchanting.

With no doubt, Uganda gives kids an amazing and educative experience when they visit the national parks. These national parks have animals and plant species which kids study about in their schools. So coming to Uganda to visit the national parks gives them more insightful information and a broader picture about the natural environment.