The Reptile Village Of Uganda

The reptile village is found in Entebbe town at Katabi and is the first wildlife haven in Uganda dedicated to the care of cold-blooded creatures. The reptile village is being flocked by researchers, students and tourists on their holidays in Uganda.entebbe-reptiles-village

About Uganda Tourism

It should be noted that, Uganda is one of the leading tourist destinations in East Africa, popularly known for the African Big Five animals and the mountain gorillas. This is the only country in the world where tourists can see the African Big 5 animals (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino) and the mountain gorillas on the same tour. Among the top selling Uganda tours include the 3 day Bwindi gorilla trekking package, 4 days tour with double gorilla tracking as well as the 8 days package taking you to all Uganda’s top selling destinations. The fact that the country’s main entry point is Entebbe Airport, the Reptile Village has many chances of visitors on Uganda tours to visit this place either at the beginning or at the end of their safari.

What to see in The Reptile Village?

The reptile village includes, Snakes like Mamba, Forest Cobra, Gaboon Viper, Africa Rock Python, Nile Monitor Lizard, Jackson’s chameleon, tortoise etc. If you want to see the reptiles in Uganda before ending your safaris in Uganda, stop by the Reptile Village on your way to Entebbe International Airport.

The main function of the reptile village is to educate the community about protection of reptiles through conserving their habitats mainly forests, water bodies and swamps for healthy habitat to reptiles and also avoiding extinction of the reptile species on earth.

Come and see over 50 reptiles with 20 different species on display from cobras, boom slangs, skinks, chameleons, tortoises, monitor lizards and Gaboon Viper, the most poisonous snake in Africa. Enrich your Safaris in Uganda by paying a visit to this reptile village. Tourists can also visit Buwama crocodile farm to enjoy the sight of crocodiles. This village is where crocodiles on captivity are kept. Some of these crocodiles were taken from nearby villages surrounding Lake Victoria because they had started threatening the local people including the world’s oldest crocodile which is also found at Buwama crocodile farm.

Reptiles are not the only attractions found in Uganda. There are other attractions which include the wild animals, different bird species, and water bodies among other. Visiting Uganda provide tourists with the chance to encounter the different wild games as mentioned earlier like the big five, the cat family, antelopes, the mountain gorillas in Mgahinga National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, chimpanzees and other primates like monkeys.

Kidepo valley national park provide a greater percentage of seeing the lions, leopards and cheetahs( cats family) than other national parks, while most of the big five like elephants, buffaloes, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, are found in Murchison falls national parks. The Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is famous for Rhino tracking experience.