Ultimate Rwanda gorilla trekking expedition in the volcanoes

We have recently returned from gorilla and chimp trekking in Rwanda. We used a reputable safari company and would recommend them to anyone planning this kind of holiday. We were met at Kigali airport by our guide, Wilson, in a huge jeep just for the two of us and the adventure had begun.

Nothing was too much trouble for Sam and his colleague Tim, back in Kigali. When Kenya Airways accidentally sent our luggage to Burundi they managed to get it back to us the next evening, even though we were on the move the whole time and staying in pretty remote places. When we returned hot and muddy after the trekking he arranged a hotel room for us to take a shower before continuing the journey.

Mountain gorilla trekking was a fantastic experience. We’re both in our fifties, pretty fit, but even so, we were slightly apprehensive when we saw the huge mountain looming up. The trackers had located our group about two and a half hours away. It was a fairly steep climb but the guides took it gently and we could stop whenever anyone needed to.

It’s a good idea to use the services of one of the “porters” who, for a few dollars, will carry your rucksack. Take plenty of water and wear layers. It was cool when we set off at 6 am but got pretty warm up there fairly quickly. We went on this gorilla safari in Rwanda in July.

The hour we spent with the gorillas was the most magical – and fastest – of our lives. It really is like standing in someone’s house watching them go about their business. The children played, the teenagers beat their chests to show us who was boss whilst the 40 stone silverback lounged around with his feet up.

Apart from the primates, Patrick showed us a lot more of his beautiful country. He was knowledgeable and able to answer all our questions succinctly and clearly. He also had a great sense of humor. We can’t wait to return and see more of Rwanda and wouldn’t hesitate to ask Wilson to make all the arrangements for us again.

Apart from the magnificent gorillas and experience, the whole experience was also made better with the kind of personal care and attention given by Primate Safari. Simba went beyond just being a tour guide to help us in every little thing we needed whether it was snapping photos, being a translator to even asking someone to show me how Rwandan women tie their babies on their back. Nothing was too big to ask for and every little thing was paid attention to. We had a fantastic experience with African experts! Would recommend them anytime!!