How Secure is Gorilla Tracking?

Rwanda is one of the safest countries in Africa. Apart from the 1994 Rwanda genocide movement, Rwanda has never engaged in any way and peace is now prevailing. Gorilla tracking is the chief foreign income earner in Rwanda and this can be evidenced by the price of each permit which is sold at US$ 750.

Like in Uganda, a maximum of eight people visit each Gorilla family per day. This justifies how secure tracking Gorillas is. No single individual enter the forest to meet Gorillas alone unless in groups. In case of failure to raise the group of eight people or at least two people, a sole visitor can be accompanied by a ranger guide for safe custody.

Not only briefing visitors, but the ranger guides also play the role in escorting visitors through the bamboo forests. They give a company and necessary information to the trekkers as they search for Gorillas. R anger guides also predict the location of the gorilla groups according to where they spent last night.

If you follow the rules and guidelines for Gorilla Trekking you will be safe and sound during your time in the park. For your safety and the gorillas, you will be visited are habituated Gorillas which means that they are used to the presence of human beings.

Speak quietly while tracking gorillas. In the presence of the gorillas do not move suddenly since that might be interpreted as a threat to them. Do not use flash when taking photos since that will startle the gorillas and if a gorilla begins to charge you, do not run, simply crouch down in a submissive manner and the gorilla will stop and retreat.

Each group of trekkers is escorted by an armed guide to ensure the safety of all visitors. In the case of encountering dangerous animals like forest lion, forest elephant, forest leopard, Hyena, and so on, guards can defend the visitors.

Rangers are knowledgeable about the history, myths, and stories about the area, so they predict all dangers in advance and they warn visitors to prevent dangers.

Both Uganda and Rwanda hosts gorillas and share the boundaries and in one east African community- such unite has enhanced tight security and safe custody of Mountain Gorillas.

No insecurity incident has ever happened in Uganda (Bwindi Impenetrable & Mgahinga National Park) and Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park) implying that the forest is safe to walk through.

In case of any suspicion, all security agencies send alerts all over the world through embassies to let visitors either postpone their trips or escorted by the army soldiers to track Gorilla and be back when safe. The army of each country (Rwanda & Uganda) is every ready and quick whenever the security is needed. Anyone interested in visit Africa for Rwanda or Uganda gorilla safari adventure, stop worrying about the security of the place. You will be very safe. Rwanda and Uganda army have Fighting jets that are quick to silence any unexpected trouble especially when rebels plot malicious attacks. Uganda peoples’ defense force (UPDF) and Rwanda Defense Force (RDF)