Fantastic views, but go in the dry season

A group of seven of us hiked Mt. Sabyinyo during our gorilla safari in Rwanda in September this year 2014. The trail up is definitely for those with strong legs to be prepared for lots of vertical climbing and the mud can be pretty extensive in some of the lower sections. The views from the top are spectacular and unreal, assuming there are not any clouds.

My only caution would be to absolutely do this hike in the dry season. As with any mountain, Sabyinyo creates its own weather and it is all too easy to get caught on the mountain peak when a storm rolls in (as we did). The number of poorly constructed ladders, steep trail sections, and slippery mud that results from rainfall makes a quick descent quite difficult. If anyone gets an injury, there is almost no way to get them off the mountain. Exercise a lot of caution.

We came here after tracking the gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable national park, and the endangered golden monkeys in Mgahinga National Park. The hike to the monkeys was easier than the gorilla trek. If you are a hiker and used to hiking in hilly terrain, then the hike is easy.

It was really cool to walk thru an all bamboo forest. The monkeys are absolutely gorgeous, their colors magnificent. They live high up in the bamboo trees, jumping from one to the other, and were a bit hard to clearly photograph. We did not see a lot of other wildlife other than a water buffalo.

We were to hike to a Batwa village in the afternoon but were told by the rangers that we did not have enough time and that we needed to have let them know the day before as the Batwa wanted notice, so we were disappointed to not have visited their village but we worth got the better the information about the Batwa culture and their ways of life.

The drive here from Lake Mutanda Resort in Kisoro takes about an hour over a very bumpy road, although it is only 15 kilometers away, this is Africa. Village life along the drive fascinating to watch. We set our cameras ready to take beautiful photos as the drive was going through beautiful scenery.

African mountain gorilla tracking is truly a thrilling experience not to be missed. Golden monkeys are worth a visit if your times allow. After experiencing this great experience our guide leisurely drove us to the Kigali international airport for our return flight back home!