Possibilities of Taking a One Day Gorilla Trip in Rwanda

Many tourists are always wondering whether it’s possible to trek gorillas in Rwanda on a one-day tour plan. You can arrange your safari through a tour and travel operator or not and you organize it your self, yet would recommend booking through a travel agent as its more convenient. Your gorilla trekking permit needs to have been bought early enough as they are oh high demand and get finished quickly.

A one-day gorilla trek requires the guest to be in Kinigi by as unanticipated as 7:00 am which requires the guest to begin the journey by 4:30 am in the morning and the journey is only 2hours from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park the home to the endangered mountain gorillas. You need to drive in a 4X4 safari vehicle to drive up to the trailhead where the briefing takes place. In spite of the fact that it’s also important to overnight in Kinigi the night before the gorilla trek because a long nights rest is required since some times the trek is extremely tiresome, additionally, you may get a strenuous gorilla group to track e.g. Susa could be far away and you could spend all the day trekking. Furthermore, visitors tend to want to go straight for a shower after the trek so that’s why you almost do a 2-night stay around Volcanoes National Park. You could request a group near to the national park and if you got lucky, you could be back in Kigali that evening/afternoon. The inconvenience is if you don’t – the gorillas can move and make the tracking time unpredictable.

In any case, yes, you can do it freely however it isn’t really done as a day trip from Kigali because of the factors outlined above e.g. early start (imagine a scenario in which you get a flat tire?), not assigned group until you’re there so no guarantee of a nearby group when you get wet or have a tiresome trek, you presumably would need to get showered and changed fairly quickly.

Yes after putting all the illustrated risks in maid, tourists can do a one-day gorilla trek in Rwanda, and we have had numerous clients effectively track gorillas for one day at a good deal in terms of cost.

A 3-day gorilla safari Uganda can need about $2500 for one traveler $1000 for every individual for group travelers, price comprehensive of gorilla permit, 4X4 safari vehicle, and an English speaking tour guide. This is quite a good deal for tourists with restricted time however must track the amazing mountain gorillas.