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Details of what to carry for gorilla trekking in Africa

Below is the guideline of what to carry while on the gorilla tracking safaris in Africa

Gorilla Tracking in Africa takes place in tropical region which receive a abundant rainfall and the dominating countries for gorilla safaris include Rwanda (Volcanoes National Park) lies in altitudes of about 2000 Meters above sea level. Volcanoes Nationals national park or Par national des Volcans is both hilly and cold. The grounds are usually wet and the paths are full of stinging plants-nettles.

Besides, the rains are random. To this note, all intended  gorilla  trackers are asked to bring Long trousers or pants- to avoid stinging nettles please do not wear short parks when tracking gorillas. More so the trousers must be strong enough to withstand occasional pulls from thorns.

Long sleeved shirts or t-shirts: Both male and female trackers should put on long sleeved shirts to prevent stinging nettles or thorns and insect bites.

Gloves– Glaves will save trackers from injuries in their hands. Remember the grounds are wet and slippery. To avoid injury from thorny bushes and objects on ground

Hiking boots/ shoes– Please bring average waterproof sturdy walking boots reaching ankle level not mountain climbing boots. Something light and hardy will do.

Warm cardigan– Volcanoes can get extremely cold.  A warm cardigan is required to keep off cold.

Long sleeved Rain Coat -it can rain anytime in Volcanoes National Park even on hot days.  The downpours are heavy and extremely cold.

Water proof containers for your cameras storage.  Both video and photo cameras should be covered because intropical region, it can rain any time. When you are slipping and falling in muddy ground, water proofed cameras can be save from damages.

Headgear (hats), a baseball cap is recommended as gorillas are familiar to them.

Water for refreshment- a minimum of 2 liters of drinking water to avoid dehydration. This is because time taken while searching for the gorillas is unpredictable and it can take 8 hours depending on the movement of the gorilla families.

Film Camera – trackers need to take back home photos and films for remembrance, therefore film cameras for domestic use is recommended.

A camera

If you are interested in birds, you can bring Field guide to birds of East Africa by Fanshawe and a pair of binoculars. Note that, the above is just a guideline of what to carry however; you can be with your proffered ones.

The above list is our suggestion to whoever planning a gorilla tour in Uganda or Rwanda but you may have your own preferences. You can also ask your travel booking agent about any more information about gorilla trekking in Rwanda, Congo or Uganda, or send us an email on

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