Bwindi National Park Uganda

Uganda gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park

Mountain Gorillas are Uganda’s leading tourist attraction which tourists aim at seeing.  It is important for the tourists to purchase gorilla permits from tour operators or direct from Uganda wildlife head quarters in Kamwokya – Kampala. With  gorilla permits, clients are assure of tracking gorillas in Uganda, currently Uganda gorilla permits are sold US$ 500 and a maximum of eight tourists visit each gorilla group.  Because the circumstances in the Democratic Republic of Congo are unstable currently, there is a very high demand for Mountain Gorilla Permits with in Uganda throughout the year.

To track gorillas, one must be 15 and above years of-age.  The Permits can be got for the 2 parks – Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park plus Mgahinga Gorilla Park.  Nonetheless the condition in Mgahinga is somewhat more fluid, because the only one gorilla group tracked keeps on moving from Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and back to Uganda.

Currently, meeting gorillas in their natural environment is less tedious because ranger guides predicts the location of gorillas before taking tourists for tracking. This is because Uganda has knowledgeable and experienced ranger guides who always feed the necessary information hence making safaris informative and enjoyable. On successfully completing the Tracking visitors will be issued each with a certificate by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Book Uganda gorilla safari with African Jungle Adventures Ltd to get more than you expect at less than you think. This is because USD 500 may appear a lot however; upon finishing there nothing is compared to the satisfaction of having encountered these glorious and uncommon giants.

Gorilla tracking is one activity that is worth visiting, its one thing that can force you reaches and experience the beauty of Bwindi by trekking through the tropical rain forest.Bwindi has about seven familiarized gorilla groups that are visited by the tourist. Some of them are located in Buhoma as well as Nkuringo.

Gorilla families or groups in Bwindi impenetrable national park include:

Mubare Group – Buhoma side: This is the smallest group with 5 members. Members include, Dominant Silverback, Black-back, 1 Adult Females, and 2 Juveniles.

Rushegura Group—Buhoma side: This group has 21 members which include; Dominant Silver back, Black-back, 5 Adult Females, 2 sub-Adults, 6 Juveniles, 6 Infants.

Habinyanja Group – This group is also found in Buhoma trail: The group has 17 members which include; Dominant Silverback, 5 Adult Females, 3 sub-Adults, 2 Juveniles, 6 Infants.

Bitukura Group – This group is in Ruhijha side and consists of 13 members. The members include;

Dominant Silverback (which is the head of the group), 3 sub-Silverbacks, 2 Black-backs, 3 Adult Females, 1 Juveniles, 3 Infants.

Oruzogo Group— also is also found in Ruhijha: The group has 23 members, Led by a mature silverback, 1 sub-Silverback, 5 Black-backs, 7 Adult Females, 4 Juveniles and 5 Infants.

Nkuringo Group – Tracking take place in kisoro side; the group members are 17.

Dominant Silverback, 3 sub-Silverbacks, 3 Black-backs, 3 Adult Females, 3 Juveniles and 4 Infants.

Nshongi Group – Clouds side: There are 21 members led by a mature Silverback, 2 sub-Silverback, 3 Black-backs, 6 Adult Females, 6 Juveniles and 3 Infants.

Mishaya Group – Kisoro/Clouds side: with seven members and led by Silverback, 2 Adult Females, 1 sub-Adult and 3 Infants.

Kahungye Group – Kisoro/Clouds side: member are 24 dominated by a dominant Silverback, 2 sub Silverbacks, 3 Black-backs, 4 Adult Females, 3 sub-Adults, 7 Juveniles and  4 Infants.

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