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All about Mountain gorillas in Africa

Physical Characteristics of Gorillas

Gorillas are massive, with a short, thick trunk and broad chest and shoulders. Its eyes and ears are dwarfed by its large head and hairless, shiny black muzzle. Older males develop a crown of muscle and hair that makes the head look even longer. The arms are longer than the stubby legs. The fully adult male mountain gorilla is twice as large as the female. Read More>

Volcanoes National park Rwanda

More than half of the world’s last mountain gorillas live here – about 350 of them – and at present it’s probably the best place in Africa for a mountain gorilla safari. Even without the mountain gorillas, this park would be fascinating. Its altitude ranges from about 2,500m to the peak of Karisimbi, at 4,500m, resulting in extensive bamboo forests, and some of the last remaining afro-montane forest habitat on the planet. Read more>

Uganda gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable National Park

Mountain Gorillas are Uganda’s leading tourist attraction which tourists aim at seeing.  It is important for the tourists to purchase gorilla permits from tour operators or direct from Uganda wildlife head quarters in Kamwokya – Kampala. Read more>


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