Explore Mutarazi Falls in Zimbabwe

If you have ever imagined that one wonderful and powerful waterfall to explore in Africa then this waterfall should be a must for you to include in your travel plan. Just along with River Mtarazi lie, Mutarazi waterfalls 762 meters tiered horsetail waterfall within the Honde Valley, the eastern highlands, Manicaland province, Zimbabwe. This waterfall is the highest in Zimbabwe, second in Africa, and 17th worldwide. In most cases, this waterfall is also popular as Mtarazi waterfalls and features as the sixth-largest in the world. It is located in close proximity to a national park hence offering visitors the opportunity to spot out most of the wildlife species especially antelope families, reedbucks, hyenas, bushbucks, the rare blue duikers, samango monkeys, baboons, klipspringers, leopards, and many more. Besides, you can as well embark on a forest walk to catch a glimpse at the spectacular tropical rainforest in this area as you also spot out some of the incredible avifaunal species. Mutarazi waterfalls are located in the north just around the Eastern highlands in the middle of Nyanga National Park. It was once the first park to be established in Zimbabwe and features greener hills and perennial rivers. The other natural feature within this park is Mount Nyangani and which is the highest point in Zimbabwe.

How to reach Mutarazi waterfalls
This spectacular waterfall can be reached from the Pungwe drift where you will set off via a stunning pathway to the south while maintaining the main route. At about 7 kilometers, you turn left to route marked Mutarazi falls and then drive 11.2 kilometers pass far and wide activity center, 12.25 kilometers turn off to Honde Valley viewpoint, and 14 kilometers to Mutarazi falls car park. The waterfall viewpoint takes about 600 meters for one to walk from the car park.

While returning, it is important that you take on the path to Pungwe falls and then use directions at the entry of Pungwe waterfalls. It is just 11.5 kilometers off Pungwe falls and this waterfall lies with 2495 hectare Mutarazi National Park which is near the southern border area with Nyanga National Park in Zimbabwe. Interestingly, the administration is also joint based on Nyanga protected area. Tourists can park at the car park and simply take a walk for about 600 meters to its edge escarpment which rewards travelers with breathtaking views of not only this waterfall but also the Honde Valley about 800 meters below. This area has some rocks and steps to make your walk easier but hikers need to be careful with the sheer cliff edge. This spectacular waterfall originates from a point where Mutarazi River meanders over the edge of the eastern escarpment of Zimbabwe highlands and entirely can be spotted by travelers from the top. It is a breathtaking waterfall the fact that the River powerfully flows over the cliff face of over 762 meters.

When to visit Mutarazi waterfalls
It can be visited at any time of the year-Monday to Sunday and the entry fee includes that of Pungwe waterfalls as well. Travelers can pay a visit to this splendid waterfall at any time of the year fact that its weather conditions are ideal all year round.
Conclusively, Mutarazi waterfall is ideally one of the world’s most amazing natural wonders that are worth exploring. Due to its strategic location to Mutarazi River and other protected areas, it rewards visitors with exceptional views of not only its stunning water but also the most important wildlife species that thrive within this area. With all this diversity, visitors on safari to this site will return with lots of unforgettable and memorable experiences.