Bugesera Reconciliation Village In Rwanda

What About Bugesera Reconciliation Village In Rwanda

Every country has its own history and so is Rwanda. This landlocked country is known for its historic genocide a tragic event that left nearly a million people dead and many homeless. The Bugesera reconciliation village is that one area historic place you need to pay a visit while on safari in Rwanda. This village is situated about an hour’s drive off Kigali capital city center.

It is situated within the southern province and popularly called the village of unity and reconciliation. This is no ordinary name and mainly depicts what is ongoing in the village with survivors of such tragic event that took place in 1994 against the Tutsi living alongside the perpetrators, those who murdered their loved ones.

Not only did this tragic event claimed lots of lives but also destroyed livelihoods of very many families. The victims were in a position to come back to their places. The perpetrators who have been in prison never had where to go so the officials established 6 reconciliation villages that include also Mbyo where over 60 families are living at a moment. Today, you can take an exclusive safari to Mbyo’s treacherous past.

There are well-trained guides to take you through this historic exploration. There is also a prison fellowship Rwanda a nonprofit organization that began with about 15 houses to see if they would stay together and fortunately, it worked successfully and since that time many villagers have been and still being supported. Women also do some art work and they sell at the market.

Besides, dancing chorus of survivors and offenders , as well as cooperative, are also found here. A visit to Mbyo helps you get a clear understanding of this place. Intending visitors on Rwanda safari to this village can spend about a day to explore the dramatic and authenticity of the area while enjoying several activities within the area which have played a significant role in the tourism sector.

At Mbyo, you get a chance to listen to victims and perpetrators to talk about different experiences, expressing how they feel and emotions. While here, you have a great opportunity to acquire a real sense of this place especially by actively taking part in various activities that include farming-related activities as well as take time and interact with locals, acquire cooking and weaving lessons from locals and also have together party with all community members in the reconciliation village.

In addition, have a chance to become a psychotherapist and assist someone to conquer post-traumatic stress disorder during the trip. Together with international alert-an NGO which supports villagers in reconciliation, taste their traditional dishes, drinks and socialize, get a warm welcome from locals and don’t miss the entertainment from local dance troupe which allows you to immerse yourself into their traditional dances, unique styles depicting the beauty of cow and Rwandese.

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