Why Hire a self drive car in Uganda with Rental Cars Uganda Ltd

It’s Fun: Is about fun. It is about to explore any destination you want, when you want with those that you love. That moment when you’re behind the wheel driving yourself around the country and visiting any place at any time.

Standard daily charges: Our daily car hiring cost is all-inclusive. (There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES). Quoted costs are inclusive of all government taxes. Once you pay for your vehicle, you just wait and pick it then drive to anywhere you want.

Unlimited Mileage: Unless when you hire the car for some hours and when the quote includes fuel that is only when we limit you on the kilometers you drive. But if you’re hiring the car for a minimum of one day we give unlimited mileage this gives chances of unlimited discovery of the country at no additional cost.

No Drop off Charges. We don’t charge extra costs for pick up and drop off and you can drop the car anywhere and it will be our responsibility to pick it. In most cases drop off and pick up are done at the airport or at the hotel even at your place of residence. You will not add extra money paying tax to take you back home because we will pick the car at your home and even on the first day we will bring the car to you.

Safety and Security: When you hire a vehicle from Rental Cars Uganda Ltd, you’re assured that you got a perfect car that is well serviced and in good working condition. Before our vehicles are given to clients, they are subjected to intensive checks to guarantee that tires are of the right trend, all car electronics including tracking systems, car alarm, and central-local systems are working. We guarantee that the lights are set perfectly and working.  So we ensure that you’re safe on the road and we also offer 24/7 roadside assistance.

Comprehensively insured – All our vehicles come with comprehensive insurance subsequently you are guaranteed that in case of an accident and damage to third party you are secured. However please keep to the speed limits as you are not ensured of survival in case of an accident. Comprehensive insurance takes care of the passengers in the vehicle yet not the driver.

Continuity in case of major break downs, we will send you another vehicle in the shortest time possible. You simply have to call our office tell us about the problem and if the problem is minor we can just send a mechanic and or we can direct you to the nearing garage and all the money you use will be refunded to you on the last day.

Flexibility – You can change your rental arrangement in the middle of the rental. For example, you can extend your rental by just calling and informing us earlier like one day before the last day.

One Way Rental/ Rent Here Leave It there: You should not be worried of where to drop the car in case you choose to change your drop off location, we can pick the car anywhere at no extra cost. For example, you can hire a car in Kampala and drop off in Mbarara or Katuna border in case you want to cross and continue to another country, you can even pick the vehicle at the airport and drop it off at your hotel. And even when you want to cross the border and enter another country with our vehicle, we can give you its papers and cross without any extra charges.

For all information about car hiring cars in Uganda and some neighboring countries, you can read more on our website www.rentalcarsuganda.com or contact our experienced and knowledgeable information team on info@rentalcasuganda.com OR Call the office on +256392000835.