The search for Busoga Kingdom Miss Tourism

In recent years, tourism has turned into the leading Uganda export making the country one of the leading tourism destinations in Africa. Tourism popularity in the country comes with a lot of effort from the tour operators and the Uganda government which incorporates continuous marketing and awareness. One of the marketing methods being used today is the electing of Miss Uganda Tourism who markets the nation’s tourist attractions to the rest of the world. Surprisingly, Busoga one of the greatest ethnic groups in Uganda has decided to elect Miss Tourism who will advertise the kingdom’s tourist attractions both locally and internationally. The search for Busoga’s Miss Tourism was launched last Saturday in Jinja the largest city in the kingdom and the event was attended by different delegates from the government including the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Rebecca Kadaaga.

Busoga just like other kingdoms in the country has got a variety of amazing cultural sites, tourist attractions, and a wonderful natural environment. Not overlooking that the source of River Nile is found in this culturally rich kingdom in the eastern part of the country. Previously, the kingdom has been missing the revenue from tourists who enter it as they visit its different attractions because of low marketing but beginning from January this year, the Kingdom, however, the Speaker of Parliament who comes from this ethnic setting launched a campaign with the aim of promoting cultural sites and other wonderful sceneries in the area.

Uganda has about 45 ethnic groups with Buganda being the biggest and Busoga the Third biggest. This has enabled the nation to get a lot of vacationers from different parts of the world who come to explore more about the untouched cultural settings which are unique and hard to find in other countries. Every tribe or Kingdom in the country has its own particular cultural beliefs that differentiate it from others and this makes a culture safari to Uganda a memorable experience full of astonishing experiences. Trust me; a stroll through some of the villages in Uganda is a unique and amazing experience that will expose you to the real lifestyle of a true African man. You will witness how some African people survive without money and how they construct their houses using local materials.

Busoga is one of the best tourist destinations in Uganda you can visit in case you are intrigued by learning and discovering different cultural aspects which make Ugandans different from other Africans on the continent. Through electing Miss Tourism, the Kingdom’s official accepts that more tourists will be encouraged to visit as the adventure gospel aimed at promoting the kingdom is spread in different parts of the world.

Apart from cultural tours to different cultural sites in the country, Uganda also offers other interesting and memorable safari packages like wildlife tours to the 10 national parks and 13 wildlife reserves in the country, gorilla trekking tour, and safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, chimps tracking in Kibale Forest bird watching tours to different parks in the country.