Do I need to contact the police when hiring a self-drive car?

Exploring Uganda with all its most beautiful corners in Africa would be something difficult to on someone else’s schedule. Flexibility is key in having a very successful Uganda safari, be it a gorilla trekking, primates, wildlife viewing, city tour or a cultural tour.

Unfortunately most travelers book with travel companies that offer fixed itineraries without any chances of even changing the mind about the destination once confirmed. This is why most trotters have resorted to self-drive safaris in Uganda that can enable them have as many detours as they want.

Whether it’s a family, solo or group tour, renting your own car can be more convenient. You get a chance to draft your own itinerary in Uganda, see sights on your own time without pressure from the tour guide. For more wilderness experience in Africa, you can choose bush camping where by; you rent a 4×4 with a rooftop tent or with bush tents and a full camping gear. This saves you more on accommodation and meals sometimes when you can cook.

Yes, it is good that most travelers follow and reach all the requirements needed by the car rental companies, but they be asking themselves whether they need to contact the police when hiring a car, particularly the self-drive vehicles?

The answer is perhaps yes, or no. The fact that the major role of the police to keep law and order, you never know when and where you might need it. Several trotters have had successful self-driven trips without even any disturbance. But that is not a guarantee that you will also have a safe on, it is always important to contact the police when hiring a self-drive vehicle just in case of any uncertainty, the police comes in to help.

The major reason why it is very vital to contact the police when hiring a self-drive vehicle is for emergency in case of an accident. This doesn’t mean that the car hire company can’t help, it will definitely help you at its maximum in case of an accident since even the insurance coverage might have included the accident coverage. But still, the car rental company would only come to rescue you through the police. Besides, God forbid, in case you got an accident very far from where the car hire company offices are, it’s the police that can easily contact other security agencies close to the accident scene.

The police should be contacted when hiring the self-drive vehicle just to confirm and seal the agreement between a car hire company and the client. This becomes very beneficial in case the car rental company decides to change the terms and conditions on return of the vehicle. This is not a common case in Uganda, but prevention is better than cure, it’s safer to be with a third party in your car hire agreement.

Reporting to the police when hiring a car also simplifies the follow up of the new member in the community. It is good manners to always inform the police and the local leaders that you are a new member in the place. They could even help you catch up easily in the place, get you a map to your destination or even recommend you to someone. Besides that, being in a strange land, sometimes with even difficulty in communication, any disorder can occur; who knows? But in such cases, like robbery or kidnapping, the informed police can easily intervene.

There is even know any reason that can justify enough for a traveler not to contact the police when hiring a car for a self-drive. All the reasoning pushes a yes answer forward. So it is so much recommended for all clients planning to hire vehicles on self-drive trips to always involve the police too.

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