Amazing Gentle Giants in Rwanda – Africa

Truly amazing to take the Rwanda gorilla trekking experience on your visit to Africa!

I and my girlfriend early this year we planned to take our gateway gorilla expedition in Africa, mountain gorillas are found in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo and the price for the gorilla permits are $750, $ 600, $ 465 dollars respectively, but after our long research, we decided to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda. Gorilla expeditions Ltd worked so hard in organizing a memorable Rwanda gorilla safari package for us, they are a reliable travel agency in Rwanda, experts in mountain gorilla trekking and other primates safaris like the golden monkeys and chimpanzees.

Our tour planner from Gorilla Expeditions Ltd developed our detailed itinerary and then after we agreed with him on how much we have to pay and after he advised us to only and only send a deposit for purchasing our gorilla trekking permits and then pay the balance upon arrival, and very soon we transferred this money and our gorilla permits were purchased, what excited most is when Stuart after booking the gorilla permits he sent us a scanned copy for the gorilla permits.

Later on, time reached for us to travel to Rwanda, but before we left the United States of America, we wrote to Jenny for our coming and he showed me that he was prepared and ready waiting for us and upon our arrival at Kigali international airport in Rwanda. We were met at the airport by our guide Baker (Our tour guide) and he took us through the itinerary. Thereafter we transferred to Ruhengeri to our lodge and we stayed at Mountain gorilla View Lodge where we had luxury professional services of food, bedding décor, and the staff was so hospitable. Then the following day we visited the mountain gorillas in the mist and walk into the forest looking for the gorillas was so adventurous so the gorilla safari itself was a stunning experience. As most on here have already said it is a must-do activity if you go to Africa. We trekked uphill for 2.5 hours then it happened. The first gorilla sighting! It was amazing how close they get to you and how they really have very little interest in what you are doing. We never felt under threat at any stage and the hour you spend with them, unfortunately, seems to go in no time.

The gorilla trek itself is hard work and we got above 9,000 feet which makes it even harder. But I believe there are treks for different fitness levels but if you are planning on doing this my advice is to start training now. It is absolutely worth it.

Our whole experience in Rwanda was fantastic. The people were lovely and it is a very special place. I recommend this experience to all travelers and it remains unforgettable memory in our travel to Africa!